'Rahao' (which means pause in Gurmukhi/Punjabi) was released on 10th October over 6 days. It was a visual journey of reflection and understanding of 'the self', inspired by Sikh teaching and fused with the power of photography.

This was a project that my wife and her twin sister (see www.grewaltwins.com) brought to fruition with my assistance with photography direction.

Each quote comes from Sikh scripture (The Guru Granth Sahib) and each was empathetically selected by the twins. Coupled with this, my wife adopted the role of muse; to physically adopt a stance, pose, emotion or reaction to help explain the meaning of these lines from scripture.

The project was released on their blog in the build up to their 29th birthday in 2016 and the captions are their explanations behind the motivations for each image.